5 weeks journey

Module: Information Visualization

Guide: Prof. Venkatesh

The Information Visualization module was a five week module and it was continuation of Information Visualization-1 in which we had made static visualization here http://www.behance.net/gallery/Information-Visualization/11263155

This time we were asked to make Interactive Visualization as the final assignment.

I decided to work on ” SUICIDES in INDIA”  as a major assignment and make a interactive prototype of it.

We started with reading articles and Paper under the guidance of Prof. Venkatesh.

Two Paper writings were given as assignments. Here are the links

Paper on ” The art and manner of arranging books in liberary”


Paper on ” Color coding and examples”


Then we had Geo- Visualization workshops under the guidance of Arun Ganesh.

We were given three assignments and we learnt new tools like Tilemill and QGIS.

1. Schematic map


2. Terrain map


3. Map representing forest cover area in India


The whole process of making maps during Geo- Visualization workshop is documented here.


As my topic for interactive visualization was “ Suicides in India”. 

These are the question which would be coming to your mind.

Why I chose this Topic?

From where I got the data?

So answers to all these questions are here.

The whole process has been documented here https://www.dropbox.com/s/le5ynnkhq2lso25/Suicides%20documentation.pdf

At last the major assignment ” SUICIDES in INDIA”  of this module is done in Flash.

Prototype can be seen here.



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